About the Master Painters at Precision and Quality Painting in Auckland

Since Paul Saunders founded Precision and Quality Painting Limited in 2008. The company has worked hard to earn the reputation of being Master Painters that deliver a high quality result – and at competitive prices. The range of services is comprehensive, and are delivered with an attention to detail that’s second-to-none. Our goal is to make you so happy with the job we do for you, that you’ll call us back for any future painting projects! (And lots of our clients do call us back, time after time for more painting work.)

Master Painters

Meet the team at Precision and Quality Painting Auckland

These guys aren’t as young as they look… they’ve got more than 50 years of painting experience between them!

Master Painters

Paul Saunders, Director

Paul Saunders has been a painter since he left school at age 16, and his experience is gained in both New Zealand and England. It’s his British origins that are responsible for his craftsman’s approach to painting. So it should be no surprise that his firm qualifies for Master Painters status.

At work, Paul’s main focus is to make sure that customers are delighted with the work done by the team at Precision and Quality Painting Auckland. He keeps clients updated on progress, and is always available to give any advice. Paul also personally trains the team of Master Painters at Precision and Quality Painting in Auckland.

“I use an old-school training system,” says Paul. “There’s the normal way of doing things, and then there’s the Precision and Quality way of doing things. My team have to use the Precision and Quality Painting systems at all times, as that’s the best and most correct way to do a good quality job. You can see now where the company name comes from! Our work is always precise, and of a high quality.”

Paul is a very active person, and outside of work he enjoys anything sporty. Especially golf, soccer and rugby. He enjoys spending his spare time with his family, and walking his dog.


Kayne’s been a painter for 6 years, most of which have been at Precision and Quality Painting.

Favourite part of the job: “I like that we work in different houses and different suburbs all the time. I like the change of scenery! And in terms of the job itself, I take pride in creating a good quality finish on the paintwork.”

Favourite things outside of work: “Playing sports – rugby and basketball.”


Phillip has a decade of painting experience under his belt, and has been working for Precision and Quality Painting since 2009.

Favourite part of the job: “Transforming things: it’s a good feeling when you look at a finished job and know that you’ve done it well. It’s also a job where you’re learning things all the time, for example there are always new products coming out.”

Favourite things outside of work: “Spending time with my young family.”

John Paul 

John Paul’s brings a decade of painting experience to the team.

Favourite part of the job: “You spend 95% of the time doing the prep work, so I really enjoy making the finishing touches and seeing the end product.”

Favourite things outside of work: “I’m into outdoor activities, like skating, motocross and fishing. I also enjoy hanging out with my dog.”


Master Painters

Why choose Precision and Quality Painting Auckland?

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√  Respectful of your home: Only reliable and trustworthy people are employed by us. We’ll also clean up after ourselves every day, and take measures to avoid making a mess in the first place. For example, when we’re painting your house exterior, we’ll cover all the windows to minimise the chances of the dust from getting inside. And for interior painting, we’ll bring Stella Starmix with us: that’s our industrial-grade vacuum cleaner that’ll leave your home nice and clean.

√  Comprehensive service: A painting job usually needs more than just painting: there are usually other tasks, such as house washing, plaster repairs and joinery repairs, to be done. We can take care of all that for you, so that you only have one company to deal with, to make your life easier.

√  Quality workmanship: Precision and Quality Painting Auckland is a Master Painter, so our workmanship, service and advice is bound by their code of conduct. On top of that, we’re also Resene Eco Decorators, which is a standard that only the very best painters achieve. Obtaining Eco Decorator status means that we’re continually assessed and vetted by Resene.

√  Quality products: A quality paint job can only ever be as good as the quality of materials used. That’s why we use and recommend Resene paints. Another quality product we use is Wood Care International for joinery repairs: that carries a 10-year warranty, and can only be used by certified applicators, such as us.

√  Guaranteed quality: Our workmanship and our materials are covered by a Guarantee. The length of the guarantee varies according to the materials and paints used, and will be specified in your Quotation Document. Because we only use quality materials, you can be assured that you’re investing in long-lasting paintwork.

√  Friendly, helpful and knowledgeable: The team has more than 50 years of painting experience between them, and we’re here to share it with you. We can even help you with selecting paint colours. We’ll also keep you updated on your job. (You’ll see that on the NoCowboys.co.nz website, we consistently get 100% for good communication.)



Precision and Quality Painting are Auckland Master Painters

When you choose Precision and Quality Painting (Master Painters Auckland), your investment will look bigger and last longer!

Not only does this mean you’ll get quality workmanship, service, advice and support, but we also abide to the association’s code of conduct. Plus you’re entitled to receive the Master Painter’s 5-year guarantee.

(Auckland Master Painters have set some terms and conditions for this guarantee; see their website for details.)

Resene Eco Decorator

Achieving Resene Eco Decorator status is not something that all painters want to undertake… and that’s because it’s very rigorous. Achieving and maintaining this “best of the best” standard means that we’re continually assessed for sustainable work practices, waste management, project plans and project sign off processes.

In short: not only will we treat your home with care and respect, but the environment as a whole.

You can read more about Resene’s Eco Decorator programme on their website.

Remember: Our goal is to do a great job for you … This is arguably the best house painting Auckland has seen!

No Cowboys

3+ years with 100% satisfaction rating is just another great reason why our trust us and continue to work with PAQ.

And our quality is just a phone call away: you can call Paul on 021 991 587.